Hi, I'm Sandrine, I design to improve people's life. And help my clients build a sustainable future.

Driving more actionable user data
Renault x Method • 2019
Designing a smarter, more integrated research platform
Elsevier x Method • 2018
Data-driven archetypes for business transformation
Roberts Radio x Method • 2019
Rethinking fan engagement and loyalty in football
Man City FC x Method • 2017
Improving the experience of queueing
Costa Coffee x Method • 2018
Pen & Paper Campaign
self-initiated • 2012-2013
A contribution to ethical fashion
Open The Gate Handmade • 2011-2013
Providing a platform for African & Diaspora creatives
Open The Gate • since 2009
nAutre Ville (prototyping)
Hot City, Luxembourg • 2009
nAutre Ville
self-initiated • 2008-2009
Orange TV Player
© Attoma Design • 2009
GPS Joker
XiLabs for SFR • 2008
La Ville Interface
Essay - graduation project Ensci Les Ateliers, 2006-2007 supervised by JF Marchandise
Urban Promenades
Graduation project Ensci Les Ateliers, 2008 partner: Hot City Luxembourg
Domestic Sync object 2006 Ensci x France Telecom R&D
Interactive TV set Oct 2003 - Jan 2004 with Madeleine Montaigne Ensci Les Ateliers, Atelier de Design Numérique
Service Design 2003 Ensci x France Telecom R&D
Le 19eme Trou
Streetgolf collective, Paris 2005-2009 www.19mtrou.com
Etat d'Urgence
Greeting Card & Exhibition Nov 2005 - Mar 2006 © Integral Ruedi Baur Paris internship /// tutor: Karim Sabano
La Cinémathèque Française
Street furniture 2005 © Integral Ruedi Baur Paris La Cinémathèque Française, Paris
Koln Bonn Airport
Integral Ruedi Baur Paris • 2005
experiments in public space Apr - July 2005 Ensci x Architecture School PARIS VAL-DE-SEINE workshop
Series of lightings 2004 Ensci Les Ateliers Atelier Formes & Matières /// dir. F. Azambourg Experiments on magnetic force and light and Product design
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