- interactive TV, Jan 2004 -
Subverting a daily object --- Creating an emotional relation between the object and the user --- Can the TV set become a living object?
From its primary function of being a mere passive display, the TV becomes an interactive inddor lighting altering the broadcast streem of images and sounds.
Tivilum is a two-fold device : the software and the object.
The screen is light.
• Tivilum interface & audio-video effects demo
[ turn-up the volume of your speakers ]
Tivilum is firstly a software which encourages interaction and playfulness with TV programs, however, it only builds on their light and sound properties.
Consequently, a customizable filter of sound and visual jamming is added to the image.
Onec some artistic and cinematographique codes are applied, the TV loses its primary function.
For the function of alarm and timer, the experiment is about playing with black pixels to switch on/off the TV screen.
The frame of the TV set, being the continuation of the screen itself is the second part we designed for Tivilum.
It casts the light from the display an its immediate surroundings.
As an indoor lighting, Tivilum is easily portable so it can be effectively positioned in accordance with user's wishes and needs.
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