- brand ID & webdesign, 2007 -
in 2007, while I am applying for a temporary job, I met Myriam.
Myriam is a professional dancer and the founder of Osmose.
Osmose is a oriental-danse troup and organization based in Paris.
Talking with Myriam, I discover that she is looking for a graphic and web designer to design the visual ID of the organization as well as their website.
I soon become the graphic and web designer for Osmose.
On this project, I have 'carte blanche'. Inspired by the neat series of photos she had taken in a professional studio, I decided to use them as main image for the organization.
• logo and visual ID

• The website background is a photograph of the oriental dancer
The menu and content is laid on the background image.
When visitor navigate from one menu to another, the screen view slides from one area of the photograph to another, revealing the website content.
• After designing the website, I have implemented it with Flash

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