Orange TV Player
- mobile app design, UX/UI - 2008-2009 -
Attoma Design, Paris
ORANGE TV PLAYER is one of my first Interaction and Service Design professional project and my first experience in designing a mobile app from concept to integration.
I have been involved in the project as an extra UX Designer (freelance) to pitch a project for Orange. 
My role was prominent as I designed the interface and behaviour for the whole App, directed and supported by lead project Senior UX designer Christian Egea, being involved in all steps of the process and in direct interaction with the marketing and development teams at Orange.
• STEP 1: Benchmarking & Analysis of existing service
I have been using their existing app, as an Orange customer, and analysing the user journey - annotating the "good" and the "bad" of the product.
Besides, I also looked at other video services and online product catalogs to extract features and references for our interface design.
• STEP 1: Analysis of existing service and app through user journey map
• STEP 2 : Defining the product - App vs. Service
Our approach has been to offer a comparison in terms of functions and usage of the TV Player App, designed on one hand as a basic tool, and on the other hand designed as a Service.
Our challenge here was to demonstrate and communicate to Orange the values of user-centered Design and the advantages to sell a product that would be more than an App itself, where they could offer a distinctive vision of the TV Player and VOD product with personnalised and intelligent features, that would follow each user's way of life.
• STEP 3 : Interface Design
Our service design was choosen by Orange, and now it was time for us to bring the service and interface concept to production.
• Use Case scenarios, interface sketches and wireframes
• Use Case scenario and User Journey
• also accompanied by Adobe Flash click-through animations to provide a didactic understanding of the interface to the client
• Screen list
• Detailed production document
• Working closely with graphic designer Stéphane Buellet (Cheval Vert, Paris) to ensure the interface and its Look & Feel behaviour matches with the wireframes we designed.
Then, Chris Egea (Senior UX Designer, Project Lead), Stephane Buellet (Graphic designer) and me (UX designer) have been working directly with Orange’s development and marketing team to deliver the app for the launch date.
• Look & Feel by Stéphane Buellet (Cheval Vert, Paris)
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