MAX Hilft den Obdachlosen
- Service Design, UI -
- January 2005 -
MAX hilft den Obdachlosen is an urban information service for the city of Berlin.
The aim of the project is to create a useful network between all the berliner social centres and to put it in disposal of the homeless people.
The website MAX hilft den Obdachlosen gives those people a personal, geolocalised and continually updated information about the different help they can benefit.
The interface has to be simple and clear.
It is based on a map of the city with a spatial representation of the information. Once the information selected, the user can orientate itself thanks to pictures of the city. Access to information is a vital part of the project, because the service is used by people who are not used to manipulate those tools everyday.
• Homepage
Displaying the available services in 1-click, each one with a distinctive pictogramme and color.
• Log-in the website in 2 steps: anonymously enter your gender, if you are underaged and if you have a dog
• Then the service displays personalised and actualised info, relevant to the person and the request.
• The Birds-eye allows to identify easily the surroundings and direct the user towards the social centre he/she needs to reach.
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