- collection of lights: experiments & product design, 2004 -
Magnetic is a lamp created as a result of experiments with magnetic strength used in an electric circuit.
MAGNETs uphold The whole structure and are vital part of the electric system to function effectively.
• Experiments : magnets in electric circuits
Here the magnetic force is used to flick the switch and allowing the electricty to flow (or not) and light up the LEDs.
Small Magnetic
This 10cm-high lamp was birthed in experimentation with magnetic force used in an electric circuit.
Simplifing the shape as well as the electric and magnetic systems of the lamp makes it minimalistic in form. Moreover, the shape of Small Magnetic is defined by its functioning.
This lamp is a result of many lighting experiments with LEDS and plastic resin.
The LED is both the structure and lighting.
Rayonnante is also a research on reducing the light to its minimal shape.
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