- graduation essay, 2006-2007 - 
IT in Public Space
Art, design and innovation within public space use.
The role and aim of design
New technology invades everyday life and doesn't only confine to the mobile phone or the computer any more. It is everywhere.
What happens when advertising boards become interactive? When bus stops provide information on the local area? When benches offer audio guidance on the immediate surroundings? Or lastly, when walls react to passers by? 
La Ville Interface is an essay about public space usage and its alteration by new technology.
How does the new technology redefine the city?
And at the same time, how does the urban environment  influence the implementation of this latest technology and its usage?

As a designer, firstly, I looked closely at various urban projects. Then I observed and analysed current experiments as well as other art projects within the urban environment. The aim of my investigation was to define new functions and possible forms of technology in the city.  

The essay offers a different point of view and emphasizes another perception of the city and the public space enriched by new technology. It also defines the role of the design and the designer in this context.
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