- Service Design, 2003 - 
Infonoïds is a service based on the publication of geolocalised personal content, broadcasted and shared in public space.
The content is social and cultural events which then become opportunities to meet other people sharing mutual interests.
The design of the interface is a research on intuitivity and comfort. It needs to be quick and easy to operate because the user writes and broadcasts 'on the go', quite instantly when he feels like sharing.
The menu is designed in such a way that the user immediately sees the publishing steps and the final outcome of the 'Infonoid' he is creating, without the trouble of going through a very structured process of its composition.
Mark is walking down the street. He sees a poster of a concert he would like to attend.
With his mobile phone, he creates an 'Infonoïd' that he drops into the air at the entrance of his subway station. He hopes he can possibly meet other people from his neighbourhood going to the same event...
The new information is broadcast to a precise zone in the public space. Each passing subscriber can receive the info.
Then they can also connect with the author, enter a forum page related to the post, and chat with other people who saved this Infonoid (before, during and after the event).
• Click-through animation to demonstrate the user interface
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