- UX + UI Design -- Sept to Dec 2008 -
GPS Joker is a full-scale mobile phone game, involving GPS and multi-player mode.
It is a treasure hunt that explores ways of interacting with people and with the urban environment, by collecting various items and points in the streets of Paris. 
On this project, my role was to define and design the game’s interface, Look & Feel and functionality for its prototyping and first user test. 
On all steps of this phase, I’ve worked closely with Ivo Flammer, director of Xilabs and lead project.
We first started with a phase of brainstorming to finalize the concept of the game and define precisely all rules based on what was technically possible to be programmed by creating use cases and elaborating user journey maps.
• interface mock-up
and storyboard of interactions
Then I soon started on designing the interface mock-up. And after validation with SFR, the interface graphic design and elements for the integration. 
• interface basic Look&Feel Design
and preparation of elements for integration
• User test: recruitment of testers, test set-up and run
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