- graphic design & exhibition design, 2005-06 -
November 2005, France : after the death of 2 young people chased by the police and provocative speech of Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, riots phenomenon spread out in many french cities. State of Emergency is then imposed to tackle this situation.
PART 1 : GREETING CARDS, Graphic Design & typography
Greeting cards for design agencies: Integral Ruedi Baur et Associés and Integral Philippe Delis 
on the subject of the imposed state of emergency in France following the riots in November 2005.

Set of 20 postcards which confronts the reqirements of the imposed law, its actual execution and people's real-life testimonies during that time.

Following the concept by Ruedi Baur, my role on this project was firstly to investigate, collect and sort people's testimonies and newspapers/medias articles, and then to put them into shape for the greeting card.
As the continuation on the theme of "state of emergency", the ROGER TATOR gallery (LYON, FRANCE) was transformed into a memoral and recount of the dramatic happenings. 
The exhibition reflected both the national and international media coverage of the events.
The project was an audio and typographic installation highlighting differences between media and people's accounts of the riots and resulting state of emergency.
Alongside my internship mentor and architect Karim Sabano, my role at this stage was to design the exhibition display, from sketches by Ruedi Baur, prepare the technical drawings and follow-up of the production on one hand ; and on the other hand, prepare the content for the exhibition : edit the audio interviews, design the layout of the ceiling installation from newspapers' titles. And finally, install the exhibition elements in the Gallery.
The exhibition was after shown at the International Design Biennal of Saint-Etienne, France, in November 2006.
• Sketch-Research for the exhibition design elements
• Technical drawings and preparation docs for production
• from sketch to real-life
• Setting up the exhibition
• Setting up the exhibition
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