Thinking innovative services
& changing lives through Design
Hello, I’m Sandrine.
I am a french Designer specialised in User eXperience, Interaction & Service Design.

In 2003, while studying at the Ensci Les Ateliers (French Institute for Design Studies, Paris), I discovered and immediatly became passionate about the potential of use of emerging technology. I was stimulated by the role of the designer in that ‘new’ domain, to create valuable and sensible experiences for the User.

Mixing intuitive approach and established Design methods, I have designed a wide range of products both in professional context and personally: mobile Apps, B2B products, urban services, websites, desktop softwares, but also connected objects, (augmented) signage, public space experimentations - keeping the User at the heart of the process.

I am passionate about people and obsessed with improving their lifes.
What I love most in my job is observing people’s needs habits and behaviours, thinking services in a prospective way, exploring and crafting collaboratively the best form of relationship(s) between a person and a machine or a system and proposing interfaces (whether screen-based or tangible) that make sense in the context.

I aim to offer the User more enjoyment and comfort (and love!) when using their tools or accessing information and make (even) a (small) difference in their everyday life.

I enjoy finding creative solutions for interfaces that are used on a daily basis, translating business requirements and research insight into appealing and intuitive experiences.

Thanks to my past work experience, I became an advocate of UX Design. I believe the Designer is a bridge,
connecting people (business to clients, colleagues to colleagues, users to users), facilitating/improving work processes and strategically bringing value to business.

Designer, entrepreneur, I am curious and always active; when I am not designing I organize events, practice yoga, see my friends. I love to always learn new stuff - from people, from readings, from experiences; so I can enrich my knowledge and share it with others.

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